Music Matters is a PodCast featuring the musical memories, in depth discussions and miscellaneous meanderings of Lenny Melamedas and Walden Miller (and an occasional special guest). (L-R)…essentially, two old guys talking about their love of all things music. 

With assistance from Bradley Gunnis (Mr. Producer) to help keep them on track…a task greater than you could ever imagine 🙂


The format is simple and straight forward. Each POD Cast the guys cover a single theme, question, genre or whatever. And the conversation takes off from there. What happens next….well…you’ll have to stick around and find out.

Music Matters PodCast is currently in post production with the first few episodes now available on the POD Page…check it out. 

Remember –

Music Matters,
Music Really Matter,
But the stories are what it’s really about




Join us for a new podcast with great stories about Music