The new POD Casts are here, the new POD Casts are here…

Well it’s about damn time, Mr. Producer is finally releasing some of the soon to be world famous Music Matters POD Casts***…the Mystique is now gone.


              We have a number in post production…but here’s a couple to get you started

***These ones are RAW (no intro or closing), the cleaned up ones will be out in Aug




Part 1 –

The boys talk about the accomplishments of Bob Dylan and then there was the…talk of the Wilbury.

Part 2 –

The boys continue their talk about the  accomplishments of Bob Dylan and then…we travel in to Wilbury land…Could you be a Wilbury? Who would you nominate to be a “Wilbury”?


Part 1 –

Our special guess Janet M. joins us to talk about singers who are not necessary the lead singers in the band.

Part 2 –

The conversation continues, we delve a little deeper, the plot thickens…and we wander off into the woods.