The new POD Casts are here, the new POD Casts are here…

Well it’s about damn time, Mr. Producer is finally releasing some of the soon to be world famous Music Matters POD Casts***…the Mystique is now gone.


              We have a number in post-production…but here’s a couple to get you started
***These ones are RAW (no intro, closing and some quiet spots while Lenny ponders the world), the cleaned-up ones will be later and arranged in chronological order




In The Beginning…

This is where it all started. Brief introductions then on to the soon to be famous ” miscellaneous ramblings”


Janet Part 1

Our friend Janet joins the show


Janet Part 2

Janet continues…and we devolve the topic to the team


Bob and The Wilburys Part 1

The boys talk about Bob Dylan and The Wilburys


Bob and The Wilburys Part 2

More Wilburys, less Bob. The conversation continues…



Our friend Paul joins the group. Paul is an 80’s kind of guy


60’s, 70’s, Laurel Canyon

Lots of 60’s and 70’s chatter going on here


True Miscellaneous Ramblings

This might shock you, but the boys are all over the place on this one


The Boys are Back in Town

After an extended break, the boys are back in town


The Boys are Back in Town – The Sequel 

Starting to get back into our groove. Many directions in this installment, Eagles, technology in sound, song writing and many, many other ramblings. I even think Walden inserts a Patty Smith reference at the end – Enjoy


The Albums of 1969

 Walden takes us on an album journey of the late 60’s


Movement and Protest Songs

Lenny has a comment, Bradley has a question and Walden has answers. What constitutes a  protest song…Listen in, the boys will take you there…because Walden has been there. 


Judy Collins and Al Cooper

Walden brings us a great story about Judy Collins and Al Cooper…along with some other nonsense


Best Shows at Red Rocks and Guest Musicians

The boys cover some of their best shows and contributions of guest musicians, do they add or subtract from the performance